Our Mission

Hatzolah’s mission is world-renowned. We provide exemplary medical emergency services to the public.

Some lifesaving facts & figures:

  • Hatzolah responds to over 75,000 medical emergencies a year.
  • Our legendary response time averages between 2-4 minutes – precious time that saves lives.
  • We respond to calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • 60+ ambulances operating throughout the greater NY metropolitan area and upstate NY.
  • 4,000+ volunteers, including medical technicians, paramedics, physician assistants and MDs.

Who We Are

Hatzolah is an army of trained, volunteer civilians.

You might sit next to them in shul, or meet them online in your local grocery

They might seem ordinary. But the work they do is extraordinary.

At any given moment, these men put their life on pause to respond to emergencies, often leaving their jobs, homes, shabbos meals,  children’s graduations, and warm beds to save lives.

How we dispatch lifesaving aide:

Hatzolah dispatchers use Hatzolah’s cutting-Aided Dispatching system to determine the exact situation and location of every emergency. Dispatchers can then instantly communicate with on-duty volunteers through Motorola Radios.